Cycling Biomechanics

Introduction to Biomechanics applied to Bike-Design

This one-day course offers a comprehensive overview of the main principles of bike-fitting,  paying particular attention to its role in the process of frame-designing. Depending on type of use and the specific customer requirements, it may be necessary to introduce some modifications on the frame design in order to meet such criteria. A basic understanding of bio-mechanics and the principles of bike-fitting makes possible to modify and adjust the frame’s geometry to obtain different positions on the bike that give preference to a particular set of parameters, ranging from aerodynamic to ultra-comfortable position.

A professional bike fitting tool is used for the practices. This course is ideal for any person interested in bike-design and frame-building looking to acquire further knowledge and skills for designing a bicycle frame best adapted to the particular requirements and necessities of a customer.

  • The full programme for this course is still in development.

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Course details

· 1 Day (8 hours)
· 1 to 2.
· 400€
· Included.

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