Bicycle Fork Construction

Introduction to the Design and Fabrication of Steel Forks.


This one-day course is intended as a follow-up to the Bike Design and Frame-Building Course  (DCB-I) or Oxy-Acetylene Welding Course but can also be taken on its own as long as you have some welding and frame-building experience.

We explore the basic principles and parameters for designing and building your own steel bicycle forks, both lugged and unicrown. We also offer information and tips to build your own dedicated fork-jig and blades-bending tool.

During the course the students build a lugged steel fork to match the frame built in previous course or for another frame which may require to modify its handling or characteristics.

The course also includes an introduction / revision of the principles and best practices for capillary welding.

  • Basic Fork Design parameters 
  • Fork Tubing and Lugs.
  • How to build your dedicated fork-building tools and jig.
  • Cleaning and Prepping the Tubes
  • Introduction to capillary welding
  • Bending your fork blades.
  • Fork Alignment and modifications.

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Pablo Hervás

Teacher. Design and Frame-building Area


Course details

· 1 Day (8 hours)
· 1 to 4.
· 400€
·  50-100€.

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