Bicycle Wheel Building

Bicycle Wheel Building Course

This is a practically-oriented course designed to understand the basic principles of wheel-building and acquire the essential skills required to build and maintain your own bicycle wheels. After an introduction to the physical and mechanical principles of the bicycle wheel, the student proceeds to build a complete wheel-set to learn, first hand, the lacing and truing process until the completion of the wheels. The selection of adequate components play an important role in obtaining a high quality and reliable set of wheels. The course also includes a section on hub and freewheel maintenance.

 This course is primarily oriented to any keen cyclist with some previous mechanical knowledge interested in building new set of custom wheels choosing different components and learning to do the maintenance of their current wheel sets. It is also a good opportunity to any bike mechanics who may consider the possibility to offer a custom wheel-building service at their bike store.

We can borrow the necessary parts for building a pair of wheels. If the student wants to build his / her own personal wheelset, we can also help to source all components for the course and, if possible, offer them at reduced prices.

• The physic and mechanical principles of the bicycle wheel.

• Different materials and specifications: hubs, rims and spokes.

Wheel Lacing and Spoke Pre-Tensioning

Wheel Truing and Dishing

• Causes of Wheel Failure

Hubs: Maintenance and Bearing servicing

Freewheels: Removal and Maintenance.

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Eduardo Gasca

Teacher Mechanics and Wheels Area.

Andrés Arregui

Head of Design and Frame-building Area


Course details

· 2 Days (16 hours)
· Up to 4.
· 400€
· Included.
· To build your own wheel set, get in contact.

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