Oxy-Acetylene Welding Course

Fillet-Brazing and Capillary Welding techniques for Steel

The must-do course if you want to get a head-start in torch welding. This practical course explores metal brazing processes characterised by extreme difference in temperature between the filler and the base materials like, for example, capillary welding as seen in lugged frames and fillet-brazing using either brass or silver.

After a theoretical introduction, the student proceeds to complete several practical exercises aimed to learn and master various critical aspects of torch welding like, fror example, temperature control, torch speed and welding area. These exercises are designed to isolate each of the critical factors which determine the quality of a brazed joint, providing students with a fundamental tool to asses their own welding and determine any possible problems in its execution. 

The main focus of this one-day course is on acquiring the basics of a correct brazing technique so students can afterwards improve and perfect their own technique independently.

  • The physical and chemical nature of steel brazing with dissimilar materials
  • Differences and types of use for filler materials like brass, silver brass and nickel-zinc
  • Characterisation of different filler materials according to their properties.
  • Evaluation and analysis of the most relevant factors determining brazing quality
  • Understanding and executing different metal joints.

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Course details

· 1 Day (8 hours)
· Up to 4.
· 400€
· Included.

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