TIG Welding Course

Introduction to Steel TIG welding techniques and parameters.

This one-day course is designed to teach the basic principles and procedures for building a frame using TIG Welding. The aim is to offer students a good starting point, both in terms of the technical knowledge and practical skills, from which they can continue to improve their welding technique in a self-sufficient way. 

 There is little doubt TIG is one the favourite welding technique for many current frame-builders because it is particularly effective in terms of joint quality and labour-time in comparison with other types of welding. With TIG, however, there is a particularly steep learning curve which requires, first of all, an advanced knowledge of the welding equipment and the most adequate settings to employ when joining thin walled steel tubes that are easily damaged if using wrong techniques or settings. This type of welding also demands many hours of practice sessions before an adequate control and command of all the variables of the welding process are acquired by the student.

Despite the obvious time-limitations of this course, we are still convinced that the best way to start mastering this type of welding technique is to acquire first a good understanding of the basic principles and practical skills involved in TIG welding; this provides the student with an advanced starting point to develop and improve his/her skills with extensive practice. For this reason, the first part of the course is primarily focused on the basics of TIG welding (equipment, welding parameters, materials, consumables and techniques), while during the second part the student proceeds to perform different welding exercises specifically conceived to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the first part of the course.

  • The TIG welding equipment 
  • The optimal working settings for TIG welding steel tubes.
  • Different types of torches and tugsten tips. The welding arch.
  • How to prepare the frame-tubes for TIG welding
  • Practical joining exercises with TIG-welding

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Enrico Bellé

Owner / Frame-builder at Bellé Cycles


Course details

· 1 Day (8 hours)
· Up to 4.
· 400€
· Incluided.

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